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Only Luxus Cars Jaguar uniquely deals with white Jaguars lend in Hungary. This type of Jaguar R in white colour is currently only two in Luxus Cars Jaguar’s property and as well as in Hungary!

The justly famous white Jaguar unique appearance is adjust to any weddings style from retro to the most modern. Its white colour also fits with all styles of weddings as base colour.

Would you like if every eyes look at you when you arrive to the altar?

Increase much light is in your event a rare and luxury car, that’s unique and elegant appearance not only you but your environment will be amazed. Our cars are with our accurate, courteous, well-dressed chauffeurs waiting just for you.

Rent Jaguars for weddings, events, or tell you what you would like!

Our office has been ensuring several years to high-quality services in pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere. We endeavor to achieve our clients' satisfaction with keep the price and the high quality

Now we give the beautiful bouquet on the car’s beginning for gift, and an amazing firework at a spot where you would like, thereby to raising the wedding’s shine and feel.


For more information and quotation, contact us for quotation on the given availabilities at any time.


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